Ginsavit is a Korean Ginseng Formula extract. Ginsavit contains ginseng with vitamins and minerals for:
Treatment and prevention of general symptoms due to advancing age such as reduced physical and mental performance, lack of concentration, and wear and tear.
To relieve fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness.
To improve overall strength, stamina, and vitality in people with heavy physical or mental stress.
To improve overall body resistance against infections. - For faster recovery of health following long illness, surgery, radiotherapy, and as such.
As an essential adjuvant therapy in cases of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, or dystrophy of skin, nails, and hair.
To compensate vitamin and mineral deficiencies in weight-conscious people and those with unbalanced or inadequate nutritional intake. Ginseng is recognized as a tonic for the human body's natural resistance.

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